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Prefab Houses


We manufacture, deliver and assemble very warm, safe, energy efficient houses that offer ideal balance of price and quality. These houses are built off-site in a controlled factory environment, third party structurally inspected, quality controlled. Our beautifully designed houses come with insulated walls, roof and a perfect balance of day light openings.

Our Houses
In Standard


Our beautiful standard models are a great option for those looking to build quickly, affordably, and sustainably. Select one that fits your life stile and in a matter of months, this house will be delivered and assembled on your foundation.



Our talented architects and engineers are at your service. We offer a unique possibility to fabricate a house that is only yours. Our team has a 10+ years in architecture and design industry, research, constant education, customer assistance from client manager, team lead, architect and engineer until the very completion of the project.



All our standard and custom houses are manufactured in the United States in an environment that combines next generation world class line of machinery and heritage craftsmanship. We specialize in customizable pre-design architecture and timber framing and offer fully-custom design/build services.


Model S

Supreme Vacation House

Compact factory built holiday house for 2-3 people, which can be transported.

Introducing the "SMUGA" vacation house - the epitome of warmth, safety, and affordability. Crafted under with utmost precision within the confines of the world class factory under a watchful eye of a building code certification agency, this house is guaranteed to provide a serene haven for 2-3 people. Our team has meticulously designed the floor plan to cater to all your needs, making it the best option in the market. Complete with all load-bearing components, interior walls, and exquisite facade finishing materials. We go the extra mile by including delivery and installation as part of the package.

For larger families, we proudly present the Medium and Large configurations of SMUGA. Embodying the traditional forms of housing construction in a contemporary form, our Scandinavian-inspired asceticism creates a truly unique image. The expansive two-light space, non-standard exterior, and cozy terrace come together to create an inviting and comfortable ambiance. Choose "SMUGA" and experience the ultimate vacation home today!

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    Size variations

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    BY home scope:

    House kit
    • Complete structural house envelope
    • Sheathing with integrated vapor barrier
    • Taping of all joints and seams
    • Dense-pack cellulose insulation
    • Windows and exterior doors
    • Interior post and beam supports of exterior shell as required
    Walls and Roof
    • Solid coniferous wood frame, insulation, air and water barrier, internal vapor barrier, OSB board on both sides
    • Galvanized cliff-top, gutters, snow stops, ventilation pipe
    • Panoramic double-glazed windows, skylight, window and door package
    • On site assembly
    • Factory structural self inspection
    • Delivery of the house
    • Full set of architectural drawings
    • Engineering support for house foundation development
    On demand
    • Interior & Exterior Design

    Client's scope:

    Prior house delivery
    • Access and clearing
    • Excavation
    • Utilities
    • Foundation
    • Backfilling and rough grading
    After house assembly
    • Mechanical, Electrical and plumbing rough-in and finish/fixtures
    • Installation of windows and doors
    • Installation of exterior siding and trim
    • Installation of finish roofing
    • Interior fit-out
    • Finished site grading
    • Landscaping and plantings

    Cost calculation

    kit cost
    Exterior finish

    (outside finish covering,
    including shipping costs)


    Small 807.3 ft²

    148 000 $

    22 000 $

    37 500 $

    207 500 $

    Standart 1015 ft²

    186 000 $

    22 000 $

    47 000 $

    255 000 $

    Large 1130.2 ft²

    227 000 $

    25 000 $

    47 839 $

    299 550 $

    Manufacturing, delivery and installation term: 8 months

    Delivery allowance within 150 mile range from zip code 03608 is $4000.
    Other locations delivery costs will be based on current rates at the time of shipping and reflected as an allowance line in the final proposal


    Energy efficiency


    Our homes meet energy-efficiency standards like Zero Energy Ready Home or Passive House with prefabrication enabling tight construction reducing energy loss.

    Precision & quality


    Our ultra-precise off-site fabrication makes the entire process not only fast but as low-stress and seamless as possible for both the building professional and the homeowner.

    Cost control


    We plan and budget efficiently to ensure allocated funds are purposefully spent constructing beautiful, safe, and warm homes.

    Cost & quality


    We use standardized manufacturing to balance cost and quality, reduce labor costs, and invest in eco-friendly materials for long-lasting homes.


    How warm is it in factory built homes in winter?

    Warmer than in traditionally built houses, as the walls are almost entirely made of insulation. All necessary utilities are installed in the house: heating, ventilation, sewage.

    Is it possible to assemble such a house yourself?

    Our talented designers and architects will work on a design of your dream with you.

    Is it possible to change the design of a modular house?

    Yes, we can develop a completely unique project. But it will be quicker and more affordable to build standard houses in which you can change the configuration of modules and the composition of the premises.

    Do you supply house kits to other countries?

    The possibility and methods of delivery to other countries are discussed individually.

    At what time can the house be installed on the site?

    The frame of the house is assembled for about 2 weeks. The terms of readiness for finishing, installation of windows and roofs are additionally 2-3 months.

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